Shipping information


Ordering and Shipping Information


How do I place an order?

You have several options:

1. You can place your order online on our secure site.

2. You can call our office and a friendly representative from our customer service team will be happy to help you (800-331-9843 or locally 507-665-6271).

3. If you are one of the business professionals listed on our home page, we have a catalog of products designed just for you. Simply email ( or call us to request your catalog with an order form.

Once I place an order, how long before my order arrives?

Shipping transit time depends on your location. We are based in Le Sueur, Minnesota. Orders typically ship a day or two after we receive them, so a customer should have their order within a week of our receiving it.

How are orders shipped?

We are keenly aware of shipping expenses. Since we receive the best rates from Federal Express, we always use them as our first choice. If there is a reason you prefer another method, please let us know. We'll gladly work with you to find the best, most economical shipping method. If we are shipping to Alaska or Canada, we usually ship USPS.

How much is shipping?

Our shipping rates are affordable and easy to understand. They are based on your pre-tax total as follows:

$.01 to $9.99 - $4.95

$10.00 to $49.99 - $8.95

$50.00 to $99.99 - $10.95

$100.00 to $149.00 - $12.95

$150.00 to $199.99 - $14.95

$200.00 to $299.00 - $16.95

$300.00 to $399.00 - $19.95

$400.00 and up - $23.95

Is there a minimum order?

No. We will be happy to fill an order of any size. We hope that our NO MINIMUM policy will make it easy for brand new customers to give us a try!

Can I order on your site?

Yes! It is safe and secure. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems. We want our customers to have a pleasant, stress-free experience on our website.

How do I pay for an order?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also call us with your order and credit card information or mail us your order with a check attached.

How can I get a catalog?

Call 800-331-9843 and ask one of our friendly service reps to send you a catalog. Not much for phones? Then send your request via e-mail to